Good Government Council

Good Government Council Endorsements

The purpose of the Good Government Council is to act as a focal point for voluntary political involvement by business people and other interested individuals in the Albany area. The Council works to recruit, train and assist candidates running for local offices who support community economic development, advancements in the quality of life in the region and sound public policies that encourage the free enterprise system.


  • The GGC will make decisions based on sound judgments and endorsement criteria without fear of retribution from candidates
  • The GGC is non-partisan and will support candidates who meet the AACC/GGC objectives
  • The candidates must understand and support the concerns or interests of the AACC/GGC

2018 Candidate Endorsements

The following candidates have been interviewed and endorsed by the Good Government Council, the political action affiliate of the Albany Area Chamber of Commerce. Please vote for these great candidates!

Albany City Council:

Ward II – Endorsement goes to Alex Johnson: As a small business owner who has lived in Albany for 24 years, Alex understands what it means to work hard and smart to be successful. He is dedicated to helping seniors and kids and, having served as a coach and referee, understands the meaning of compromise and collaboration. Alex can connect and build relationships with people from diverse backgrounds. He will work hard to help create opportunities for Albany to flourish. He’s the right choice for Ward II.

Ward III –Endorsement goes to Bessie Johnson: Bessie has a great understanding of the opportunities and challenges facing Albany and brings a balanced and knowledgeable voice to the City Council. She has a diverse business background and an understanding of the pitfalls of bureaucracy. Bessie works through the tough issues and speaks up for the citizens and businesses in Albany. Committed to understanding all sides of an issue before she votes, and not micromanaging city hall, Bessie is the right voice on the Albany City Council for Ward III.

Millersburg City Council – Two Seats:

Endorsement goes to Jim Lepin: Jim has served Millersburg well as a city councilor and Mayor. Elected to the Mayor position by fellow city councilors he has the trust and respect of the Council, city staff and citizens. Jim has been a stabling influence for the City of Millersburg and is well suited to continue to lead, especially during this time of industrial and residential growth. Jim is solutions oriented and believes in effective partnerships to accomplish the City’s goals. Jim Lepin deserves to be reelected to another term.

Endorsement goes to Scott Cowan: Scott Cowan is a long time Millersburg resident and member of the city council. He works diligently for Millersburg and understands that building a strong economic base and creating family-wage jobs will build community prosperity. Scott believes in giving back to the community
and has built many solid, professional and working relationships with his fellow citizens and city staff. He will use his experience and knowledge to continue to meet the needs of Millersburg citizens and represent them well at city hall. Scott Cowan is the right voice for Millersburg.

Linn County Commissioner:

Position 1 – Endorsement goes to John Lindsey: John grew up in Oregon, lives in the Lebanon area and has served the citizens of Linn County well. He understands the many challenges that face citizens and businesses and is a strong advocate for the many pressing needs of the county, including transportation infrastructure, public safety, and job creation. John and the other commissioners have a good working relationship with constituents and other agencies our citizens rely on. Citizens know they can count on John to make the most efficient use of taxpayer resources and prioritizing needs. John deserves your vote for Linn County Commissioner.

Oregon House of Representatives:

Dist. 15 – Endorsement goes to Shelly Boshart Davis: Shelly grew up on the family farm in the Tangent and Shedd area and has spent the last 12 years working with her family, helping to grow the family farm and trucking business. She has been an outspoken advocate for years on issues that impact agriculture, transportation and job creation. Shelly has been a member of the Chamber’s Governmental Affairs Committee for those 12 years and takes time to research, listen, ask questions and make needed decisions. She is also active in numerous other organizations that provide her with an opportunity to learn about a broad range of issues. Now more than ever, we need Shelly’s experience, energy, and common sense in the legislature. Shelly Boshart Davis should be your next Representative in Salem.