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Good Government Council

Good Government Council Endorsements

The purpose of the Good Government Council is to act as a focal point for voluntary political involvement by business people and other interested individuals in the Albany area. The Council works to recruit, train and assist candidates running for local offices who support community economic development, advancements in the quality of life in the region and sound public policies that encourage the free enterprise system.


  • The GGC will make decisions based on sound judgments and endorsement criteria without fear of retribution from candidates
  • The GGC is non-partisan and will support candidates who meet the AACC/GGC objectives
  • The candidates must understand and support the concerns or interests of the AACC/GGC
  • The GGC PAC is supported entirely by voluntary contributions

2020 Candidate Endorsements

The following candidates have been interviewed and endorsed by the Good Government Council, the political action affiliate of the Albany Area Chamber of Commerce. Please vote for these great candidates!

Albany City Council:

Ward I – Endorsement goes to Matilda Novak. Matilda is a long-time resident of Albany who grew up learning from and working with her parents in the family business, Novak’s Restaurant. She learned the value of hard work, getting along with others, and serving people. Matilda will bring fresh and creative ways to tackle new and challenging problems while never forgetting the basics of why governments exist (public safety, streets, infrastructure). She wants to make sure we are not placing unnecessary barriers to businesses in the way and wants to help the community come together and focus on positive solutions to the growing number of homeless individuals in Albany. Matilda is committed to Albany and will make a great Ward I city councilor.

Ward II – Endorsement goes to Ray Kopczynski. As a small business owner and former government employee Ray brings a dual perspective to the city council. His previous time on the council gives him experience and familiarity with the budget and its constraints, he knows tough decisions will need to be made. Ray believes in the free market and helping businesses succeed. He knows that growth is inevitable and wants to help the city manage growth in a way that benefits its citizens and businesses. Ray deserves to get the vote for Ward II city council.

Ward III – Endorsement goes to Marilyn Smith. Marilyn will come to the city council with 20 years of listening and giving information to previous city councils with her. She understands the need for a balanced, realistic, and sustainable budget and wants to see that citizens tax dollars are well spent. Marilyn knows that Albany businesses need support to stay open, keep people working, and provide the special services that small, local places do so well. She is an independent thinker that will look at the complex issues that come before the council with an open mind. Marilyn deserves the vote for Ward III city council.

Albany Mayor: Endorsement goes to Alex Johnson. As a small business owner who has lived in Albany for 26 years, Alex understands what it means to work hard and smart to be successful. As a city councilor Alex has distinguished himself as someone who can build relationships and is willing to listen to resolve the tough issues. Alex is dedicated to helping seniors and kids and having served as a coach and referee, understands the meaning of compromise and collaboration. He will work hard to set the right tone and create job opportunities that will help Albany grow and our citizens prosper. Alex Johnson is the right choice for Albany Mayor.

Linn County Commissioners:

Position 2: Endorsement goes to incumbent Roger Nyquist. Roger is a 3rd generation farmer who grew up working in his family run business in Albany, which he now owns. Roger is a vocal and passionate advocate for all of Linn County and does an excellent job of representing its citizens, businesses, and communities. He has stepped up many times to make sure onerous government rules and regulations and their financial implications do not jeopardize Linn County residents. Most recently Roger has spent countless hours finding solutions to the impacts of COVID-19 and wildfires on Linn Counties residents and businesses. Roger continues to demonstrate why he deserves to be your Linn County Commissioner.

Position 3: Endorsement goes to Sherrie Sprenger. Sherrie is retiring from the state legislature which gives Linn County residents another opportunity for a great county commissioner. Sherrie will bring her wealth of knowledge of local and state government challenges and opportunities, and her government contacts will be invaluable. She has dedicated her adult life to the betterment of individuals and businesses in Linn County and will continue to be a strong advocate for all when elected as a Linn County Commissioner. Vote yes for Sherrie Sprenger.

Oregon House of Representatives – District 15:

Endorsement goes to Shelly Boshart Davis. Shelly grew up on the family farm in the Tangent and Shedd area and has spent the last 12 years working with her family, helping to grow the family farm and trucking business. She has been an outspoken advocate for years on issues that impact agriculture, transportation, and job creation. Shelly has been a member of the Chamber’s Governmental Affairs Committee for those 12 years and takes time to research, listen, ask questions, and make needed decisions. She is also active in numerous other organizations that provide her with an opportunity to learn about a broad range of issues. Now more than ever, we need Shelly’s experience, energy, and common sense in the legislature. Shelly Boshart Davis should be your next Representative in Salem.