Governmental Affairs Committee Stands Up for Business

The Chamber’s Governmental Affairs Committee (GAC) met with Rep. Andy Olson and Sen. Sara Gelser in January to review proposed legislative bills and possible Nov. ballot measures. Several of the possible bills or ballot measures have to do with increases in Oregon’s minimum wage, which the GAC continues to oppose. Rep. Olson supports the Chamber’s position on the proposed minimum wage increases but Sen. Gelser is in favor of an increase.

In addition the GAC is monitoring proposed legislation that would fix the new paid sick law, wage theft legislation, Coal to Clean legislation, Cap and Trade, and several other bills. With a limited time of 35 days for the short legislative session the GAC is hopeful that the legislature will have little time to pass legislation that will further damage business and industry.

The GAC continues to oppose Initiative Petition 28 (IP23 – proposed by public employee unions) that would impose a huge new gross receipts tax on hundreds of businesses in Oregon, making Oregon one of the worst states in the nation for doing business.


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