Doesn’t the Chamber primarily serve the needs of big businesses?

Many people are surprised to learn that 85% of all Chamber members are small businesses with 25 or fewer employees. Many programs are designed with small business needs in mind.

How much business should I expect as a result of my membership in the Albany Area Chamber of Commerce?

One of the primary missions of the Chamber is to provide opportunities for business executives to interact and make new connections. Another is to encourage members to buy from other members. The Chamber also does all it can to promote name recognition of and referrals to its members. While the Chamber works very hard to create opportunity for its members, the ultimate responsibility to growing your business rests with you.

I would like to volunteer to serve on a committee or task force at the Chamber. Who do I call?

The Chamber is always looking for great  volunteers. Please call the Chamber staff at (541) 926-1517 and we’ll give your information about how to be involved.

I don’t have time to become heavily involved in Chamber activities. Does that decrease the value of my membership?

Not at all. As a matter of fact, only about 20% of all members participate actively in volunteer positions with the Chamber. Your membership is designed to give you a tremendous return on your investment even if you don’t have time to get heavily involved. If you do have the time, you can certainly reap extra benefits.

How do I submit press releases to the Chamber for use in the “In The News” section of the Chamber Network?

All members in good standing with the Chamber may submit one press release per month for publication in the “In The News” section of the Chamber Network. Press releases should be brief (50 words or less) and emailed to the Office Manager at [email protected].

Why is the Chamber so involved in politics?

Many companies, especially small businesses, don’t have the time to keep abreast of all the issues, attend City Council Meetings or travel to Salem on a regular basis. So the Chamber is there to represent your best interests and ensure Oregon remains a business-friendly land of opportunity with a minimum of government interference and taxation.

How does the Chamber decide how to assess dues to members?

For more than a century, the Albany Area Chamber of Commerce has supported its member businesses with an array of services and benefits to suit every need … and now, we make it easier than ever for you to choose the Chamber advantages that make sense for you. Introducing a tiered program that lets you scale your cost of membership, enabling you to select only the benefits and services you truly need. Choose from five levels, depending on your number of full-time employees, involvement in chamber activities, and desire for a premium status that elevates your public profile.

I would like to let my customers and vendors know I am a member of the Albany Area Chamber of Commerce. Can I use the Chamber’s logo on my letterhead and business cards?

You are encouraged to show the pride you have in your membership by using the Chamber’s logo on your printed materials and on your website. You many ask for the official version of the Chamber’s logo by contacting the Office Manager at (541) 926-1517 or via email at [email protected].

What is the charge for Good Government Council on my invoice?

The Good Government Council contribution showing on your Chamber invoice is a voluntary contribution to our political action committee, the Good Government Council. Although the contribution is strictly voluntary, it is greatly needed and helps to insure the best people serve you in government.

It seems like the Chamber is always trying to raise funds and is always asking for contributions. What does the Chamber do with all that money?

Sponsorships and other contributions to the Chamber are used to deliver the quality of programs and resources our members expect and deserve. The Chamber is a non-profit member-driven organization. Without those sponsorships and contributions we are not able to represent the best interests of business as well as our members expect us to.

How does the Chamber decide which issues to support?

The Governmental Affairs Committee, a volunteer committee representing a cross-section of Chamber membership, meets to assess their views on issues important to business and industry. Proposed legislative bills, bond issues and ballot measures are evaluated by the GAC. Call Chamber President Janet Steele at (541) 926-1517 for more information.

Does the Chamber receive any tax dollars for its operation?

No. The Albany Area Chamber of Commerce is a not-for-profit, 501(c)6, organization and derives 100% of its income from membership dues, sponsorships and contributions.

What does the Chamber do (beyond helping business) to improve the quality of life here in the Albany area?

There are a number of ways the Chamber adds to the quality of life we all enjoy. Supporting programs and organizations that contribute to the Albany area. One of the areas we are most active in is education. Chamber staff and volunteers promote and contribute their time and resources to programs such as Albany Youth Leadership, Youth Job Fair, high school scholarships, and Students of the Month. Education is also an important component of the Leadership Albany curriculum.