Chamber Dollars

Are you interested in getting more people through your doors without it costing you a cent? Here’s your opportunity! Chamber Dollar is a program designed to keep dollars in the Albany area and to direct them to Chamber members. Each year employers in the Albany area collectively give thousands of dollars to employees throughout the year for various incentives and recognition.

Since the program’s inception, Chamber Dollars have kept over $1,800,000.00 in the local economy!

Who benefits?

The employers (easy to purchase, employee satisfaction), the recipient of Chamber Dollars (many consumer choices), and most of all – CHAMBER MEMBERS – BECAUSE YOU GET THE BUSINESS!

How to participate?

Any Chamber Member is eligible to participate in the Chamber Dollars program and it does not cost a thing. Just inform Nikkita Hatch, Office Manager of the Albany Area Chamber, and she will put you on the list of participating businesses. If you agree to participate, the only guidelines we have are:

· No restrictions are put on the use of Chamber Dollars within your store (please do not exchange for cash).

· Chamber Dollars are checks drawn against an account at a local bank. Therefore, you may negotiate them as you would any check at your financial institution.

Click here for list of businesses that accept Chamber Dollars:

How do I buy Chamber Dollars for my friends and employees?

Just call the Chamber office and tell us how many you want, in $25.00 denominations, and when you need them. In most cases, we need a week to get the Dollars arranged for pick-up. There is a $0.50 charge per certificate to cover the cost of printing, bank and accounting charges. You will need to pay for your Chamber Dollars when you pick them up. Credit cards are not accepted.

*Do not accept Chamber Dollars with an expired date!

If you have any questions please call the Chamber office, (541) 926-1517. It’s our goal to keep this program as simple as possible so that your participation creates a benefit for your business and not a burden.